Street Art

Each year, incoming African street artists have collaborated with local South Australian street artists, on large scale murals right across the CBD. Sanaa artists have certainty left their mark in Adelaide. Check out some of the murals the Sanaa team has done between 2017 and 2019.

Percy Court, Adelaide (2019)

Artists: Mwamba Chikwemba (Zambia), Thufu B (Kenya),
Julia Townsend (Australia) and Elizabeth Close (Australia)

Moore Street, Adelaide (2019)

Artists: Dave Court (Australia) and Sparrow (Uganda)

Sanaa Street Art - Moore Street time lapse video

Franklin Street, Adelaide (2018)

Artists: Elizabeth Close (Australia) and Kaymist4 (Kenya)

Grote Street, Adelaide (2018)

Artists: Vans the Omega (Australia) and Bankslave (Kenya)

Currie Street, Adelaide (2018)

Artists: Swift and Bankslave (Kenya)

Northern Sound System, Elizabeth (2018)

Artists: Swift and Kaymist (Kenya)

Register Street, Adelaide (2018)

Artists – Seb Humphreys (Australia) and Zienixx (Senegal)

Eliza Street, Adelaide (2017)

Artists: Bankslave, Swift, Wise Two and Smoki (Kenya)